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Note: WPE is no longer accepting submissions.

WPE is a free, online journal for psychological research and reviews. It uniquely features immediate world-wide publications (in English), linked reviews of the research, a mailing list to discuss the research, and replies and updates by the authors. A Boolean search is available: It searches a summary of each article (the abstract) and the keywords as provided by the author(s).

The focus of this journal is very broad: Research in the scientific study of Psychology in all its forms.

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Research published here requires the data used in the study to be available for inspection by other scientists, according to the rules as set forth in the current Ethics Codes and Style Manual of the American Psychological Association. Some authors have proprietary data that cannot meet this requirement, and so can post their article's title, abstract, & keywords together with a URL or email address where the full text can be found.

Some authors will have published an article in a print journal and have an electronic version available for emailing or downloading. These authors can post their article's title, abstract, & keywords together with a URL or email address.
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Peer Review

For three centuries, scientific research journals have sent submitted articles to knowledgeable scientists for review prior to accepting the research for publication. This system of prepublication, anonymous peer review has some flaws, so WPE instead uses the system of postpublication signed reviews used by book chapters. WPE's system may not meet all authors' or readers' needs: see the Why I Started WPE and Editorial Policies statements.

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