Atalla, S. e. F. (2008, March 25). The Factorial Strategy: A New Technique For Selecting the Gifted. WebPsychEmpiricist. Retrieved March 25, 2008 from

The present study aimed at using the factorial structure of the identification battery as a strategy for selecting gifted children in Sudan. Five tools were administered, mathematics test, scholastic achievement tests, Raven Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM), Torrance Circles Tests of Creative Thinking, and the Teachers' Traits Rating Scales to 955 pupils from the second cycle in Qabas schools (52.9% males; 47.1% females), their age ranging from 8 to 12 years. Results revealed that the weight of the variables are 0.86 for scholastic achievement 0.80 for mathematics, 0.77 for traits, 0.63 for intelligence, and 0.30 for creativity; also results revealed that 7.96 of the pupils were gifted.

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