Boben, D. (2007, May 23). The standardization of all the main Raven Progressive Matrices tests in Slovenia. WebPsychEmpiricist. Retrieved May 23, 2007 from

The Standard Progressive Matrices (and possibly other RPM tests) has been in use in the former Yugoslavia (of which Slovenia formed a part) since at least the early 1960s. More recently, i.e. since 1999, the CPM, SPM, SPM Plus, and APM have been standardised in Slovenia. In each case, new item analyses were carried out and the tests shown to work in similar ways to other countries and, within Slovenia, for different ability and socio-economic groups. As far as comparative norms are concerned, it seems that, allowing for the universal increase in norms over time, the Slovenian norms are similar to those obtained in other European countries.

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