Eisenman, R. (2006, September 19). Legal and Deviant Behavior at a Four-Way Stop: A Qualitative Study. WebPsychEmpiricist. Retrieved September 19, 2006, from http://wpe.info/papers_table.html

One hundred observations were made of motorist behavior at a four-way stop. The methodology was that of a qualitative study. Contrary to the author’s previous impressions, many motorists violated the laws of the four-way stop. Even when it was not proper, observations showed: 1. Those going north or south often went before those going east or west; 2. Those going south often went before those going north; 3. Anyone often went before those in the center turn lane. Motorists sometimes developed their own rules that were contrary to the rules of law. This may possibly be due to cultural considerations in the Mexican-American border town where the observations were made.

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