Flynn, J. (2006, October 18). Achievement well beyond IQ. WebPsychEmpiricist. Retrieved October 18, 2006, from

The problem addressed in this paper is first to thoroughly document, and then to explain, the impressive scholastic, occupational, and income achievements of Asians in America. In the past, some psychologists have cited apparently impressive evidence of a superiority in general cognitive ability. It turns out that that this evidence is seriously flawed – and not merely because of failure to allow for the intergenerational increase in scores but also as a result of seemingly endlessly compounded sampling deficits and corrections and adjustments introduced into the norming studies. Be that as it may, with IQ held constant, the Asian’s achievements exceed those of Whites by a huge amount. Once an IQ-based explanation has been discredited, attention focuses on issues rarely discussed by psychologists – such as other psychological characteristics and multiple cultural supports. These are contrasted with those operating in other cultural groups, some of which perform far below what might otherwise be expected.

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