Linstrom, A., Raven, J., & Raven, J. (2006, May 22). The Coloured Progressive Matrices in South Africa. WebPsychEmpiricist. Retrieved May 22, 2006, from

With a view to establishing adequate South African norms for Raven’s Coloured Progressive Matrices, 2,469 children, aged 5 to 12 years and judged to form a representative sample of pupils of that age in the Free State were tested. As was the case in earlier, less broadly based, studies, the overall norms which resulted were somewhat lower than their UK equivalents. However, when the data were broken down by language of the home, it emerged that the norms for the English and Afrikaans speaking group were very similar to the UK norms. Those for the “other languages” group were higher than norms which have been reported for an Xhosa-medium primary school near Grahamstown.

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