McKinzey, R. K., Podd, M. H., Krehbiel, M. A., Mensch, A. J. & Trombka, C. C., (1997). Detection of malingering on the Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery: An initial and cross-validation. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 12, 505-512.

A formula for detecting faked LNNB profiles was validated on 68 experimental malingerers and adequately motivated patients matched on education, age, and severity of profile. The formula was then cross-validated on 51 malingerers and 202 patients. The formula yielded a cross-validated 23% false negative rate and a 9% false positive rate, for an overall hit rate of 88%. If normal and profoundly impaired profiles are eliminated from the cross-validation analysis, the false negative rate is 17% and the false positive rate 7%, for an overall hit rate of 91%.

McKinzey, Podd, Krhbiel, Mensch, & Trombka 1997