Pettigrew, C. G., & Unglesby, L. (2003). Prediction of first ballot mock jury votes by the Analytic Juror Rater. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 18(1), 9-14.

Two scales of Abbott’s (1987) Analytic Juror Rater (AJR) were used with 24 mock jurors to predict first ballot mock jury votes. Each participant observed one of two mock trial proceedings involving an actual second degree murder case. In a moot courtroom, they heard arguments from attorneys and witnessed examination of the defendant and actors portraying witnesses. The Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Scale of the AJR successfully predicted first ballot votes of participants (p < .02), while the Non-Authoritarian Scale showed a non-significant trend in the hypothesized direction. It was concluded that, in cases where evidence is not strong, the AJR may lend modest assistance to the attorney using peremptory challenge to eliminate venire members who may be biased against a defendant.

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