Walfish, S. (2001). Clinical Practice Strategies Outside The Realm Of Managed Care. Paper presented at the American Psychological Association, San Francisco.

While more and more psychologists criticize managed care companies, more and more depend upon them to maintain their practices and earn a living. Some authors have advocated developing a fee-for-service practice that does not take managed care clients at all so that clinical care and income will not be compromised. The present study surveyed psychologists and asked them to identify activities in their own independent practice that fall outside of the purview of managed care. A total of 180 specific activities were identified that were rationally grouped into ten separate categories. These include: (a) Business Psychology; (b) Consultation To Organizations; (c) Fee-for-Service; (d) Forensic Psychology; (e) Group Therapy; (f) Health Psychology; (g) Psychoeducational Services; (h) Services to Government; (i) Teaching and Supervision, and (j) Miscellaneous. Implications of these data for psychologists in their own practices are discussed.

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