Wood, J. M., Nezworski, M. T., & Stejskal, W. J. (1996). The comprehensive system for the Rorschach: A critical examination. Psychological Science, 7(1), 3-10.

Discusses problems with J. E. Exner's (1974, 1978) Comprehensive System for Rorschach interpretation, focusing on issues regarding interrater reliability, validity, and nature of the research base. First, contrary to common opinion, the interrater reliability of most scores in the system has never been demonstrated adequately, and percentage of agreement is an unacceptable measure of interrater reliability. Second, important scores and indices in the system are of questionable validity. For instance, the Comprehensive System includes several scores (e.g., Egocentricity Index, Adjusted D, Depression Index, Suicide Constellation) that bear directly on clinical decision making and for which empirical evidence regarding validity is scant or negative. Third, the research base of the system consists mainly of unpublished studies that are often unavailable for examination. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2007 APA, all rights reserved)

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